“Spirit of the rising sun lift me up. Hold me there and never let me fall.” —    Three Sunrises (U2)


Full-leafed summer here on the Conestoga River in Southern Ontario is now, in the dog days of August, only a stone’s throw away from autumn. Before it’s gone again, for another year, here’s a few words about high summer and another passing year, from 20th Century American poet and short story writer, Delmore Schwartz.  The Deceptive … Continue reading

In Celebration of the Summer Solstice

This Sunday, June 21, marks the Summer Solstice. In honor of the longest day, here’s an inspiring summer poem by the Brooklyn-born American poet and short-story writer, Delmore Schwartz, whose first book In Dreams Begin Responsibilities was first published in 1938. THE MOUNTING SUMMER, BRILLIANT AND OMINOUS A yellow-headed, gold-hammered, sunflower-lanterned Summer afternoon: after the sun … Continue reading

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