Snippets from Iceland and Ireland

Just in from New Year’s Eve with the bells of Christ Church Cathedral in Dublin and on to an amazing week in Iceland. Here’s a few quotes garnered along the way. “Hot white walls, black shadows, the aroma of strange Eastern spices . . . lights, the scent of sandalwood and cloves, a sound of … Continue reading

Letters from High Latitudes

In the summer of 1856, Frederick, Lord Dufferin — Frederick Temple Hamilton Temple Blackwood, Marquess of Dufferin and Ava to be exact — ventured to the Arctic on the schooner yacht Foam. He would go on to become Governor General of Canada 1872-1878, British ambassador to both St. Petersburg and Constantinople, and Viceroy of India. … Continue reading

Icelandic Poet Einar Mar Jonsson

Recently returned from a ten-day stay in Iceland, a strange but amazing country. The land, a powerful, sentient presence,  is primordially wild. Like looking into the eyes of a tiger. Undeniably beautiful, remote, haunting, often other-worldly and sometimes frightening. The 10th century Icelandic constitution had as one of its first tenets a law that forbade … Continue reading

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