As an avid U2 fan for decades, I’ve had the pleasure of seeing the band in concert dozens of times. This past Memorial Day weekend, I had the privilege of attending both of their Innocence/Experience Tour concerts at US Airways Arena in Phoenix. U2 is the consummate live band. Live is where they live, and while … Continue reading

U2’s Songs of Innocence

Cyberspace moves at the speed of light, so U2’s new album release, Songs of Innocence, is old news. Nevertheless, I thought I’d post a review of this amazing collection. It would appear that U2 jettisoned their planned Songs from the Ascent compilation in favor of Songs of Innocence, their thirteenth studio album. In reality, though, … Continue reading

Snippets from Iceland and Ireland

Just in from New Year’s Eve with the bells of Christ Church Cathedral in Dublin and on to an amazing week in Iceland. Here’s a few quotes garnered along the way. “Hot white walls, black shadows, the aroma of strange Eastern spices . . . lights, the scent of sandalwood and cloves, a sound of … Continue reading

Bono on Charlie Rose

Just caught an hour-long interview by Charlie Rose with Bono, singer/songwriter with the Irish band U2, recorded earlier this month. The entire show is, of course, available at various on-line outlets including YouTube, but I thought I’d post a few excerpts from this articulate, creative and progressive man. Some thoughts have been grouped together. “The … Continue reading

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