Gearing up for fall (if it ever arrives), here’s a poem from 19th Century Irish poet and critic Edward Dowden: AUTUMN SONG Long autumn rain; White mists which choke the vale, and blot the sides Of the bewildered hills; in all the plain No field agleam where the gold pageant was, And silent o’er a … Continue reading

Autumn Approaching

As fall comes on here at the cottage in Southern Ontario, we are seeing more and more geese gathering in preparation for their migration south. In honor of both these birds and the season, here’s a moving poem by the Vietnamese poet, N’Guyen-Khac-Hieu, taken from the outstanding film Winged Migration. “In our next lives, we’ll remember … Continue reading


With the Fall Equinox our daylight hours shorten giving us time to pause and celebrate the power of light. George Campbell’s Litany is a short work of poetic simplicity, expressing deep gratitude. LITANY I hold the splendid daylight in my hands Inwardly grateful for a lovely day. Thank you life. Daylight like a fine fan spread … Continue reading

Mary Oliver’s WILD GEESE

Autumn has fallen so completely now. The geese pass over daily. In honor of the changing season, here’s one of Mary Oliver’s very best nature poems. Born September 10, 1935 in Maple Heights, Ohio, Oliver published her first collection of poems in 1963. Her 5th collection, American Primitive, won the Pulitzer Prize for Poetry in 1984. … Continue reading


It’s late summer/early fall here on the Conestoga. The sugar maples are reddening at their tips; leaves rustling like tissue paper. The first phalanx of geese flew over late yesterday afternoon, headed for a pre-flight gathering on the lake. The meadow has turned to autumn too, with mats of goldenrod, tangles of wild cucumber, purple joe-pye weed, … Continue reading

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