John Ruskin (1819-1900), was the primary English art critic of the Victorian era. He also wrote on a great variety of subjects in equally varied styles and forms including essays, lectures, poetry, manuals, and travel guides. He even wrote a fairy tale. Here’s what he had to say about reading, writing, books, and art. “A … Continue reading

The Storm Beneath the Calm – Interview by Debbi Voisey

Debbi Voisey kindly asked me to do a Q&A for her writer’s blog, My Way By Moonlight. It was a pleasure and a privilege. The Q&A follows here. Dianne Ebertt Beeaff is a writer and artist, originally from Canada and now living in Arizona.  I am fortunate enough to count her among my friends.  Over … Continue reading

Remembering Maurice Sendak

On the occasion of what would have been Maurice Sendak’s 85th birthday, June 10th, here’s a few quotes from that extraordinary man. “I didn’t want them to be traditional monsters, like griffins and gorillas and such like. I wanted them to be very, very personal. It had to come out of my own particular life. … Continue reading

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