Fellow writer and long-time friend, Debbi Voisey, is making a name for herself in the vibrant area of flash and short fiction. Her work is on-line with Litro Magazine, Ellipsis Zine, and Storgy, among others. She was included in the Bath Short Story Award Anthology for 2015, as well as the National Flash-Fiction Day Anthology 2016 titled A Box of Stars Beneath the Bed. Debbi was also the 2016 winner of the Too Write Short Story Competition run by Sentinal newspaper with support from the Stoke Literary Festival.

It’s a pleasure to post here her moving flash fiction story, Clippers, from the Flash-Fiction anthology:


‘I can’t find them.’

Look harder, dig deeper, they’re there.’ Her voice muffled around a mouthful of apple.

Her hair looked perfect. Long and flowing like ears of corn in a windswept field. I loved it. She did too, but this was important to her.

In the drawer I shoved aside the letter, in the white envelope with the jagged edges from where we had ripped it open frantically; fearfully. The stamp – “University Hospital” – was partially visible.

And then there they were: the clippers.

‘Are you sure about this?’ I watched her throw the apple core into the bin; flick her hair.

She could not take her eyes off the clippers in my hand – I felt that I could hypnotise her by moving them back and forth.

‘Do it,’ she said, a barely audible tremor in her voice. ‘I want to be with you every step of the way.’


Debbi began her writing career in the 1990s editing and writing articles for the popular U2 fanzine The Real Thing, a highlight of which was a forty minute telephone interview with lead singer, Bono.

Find Debbi at twitter account @Dublin Writer; her blog My Way by Moonlight at www.facebook.com/dublinwriterdebbivoisey; and http://www.debbivoisey.co.uk.


  1. passaire@aol.com says:

    Nice thing to do for Debbi.  


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