Just back from an amazing week-long yoga retreat at Ama Tierra in the mountain rain-forest of Costa Rica. What an incredible adventure!

I worked with shamanic energy; came face to face with iguanas, agoutis, ghost bats, keel-billed toucans, a flock of scarlet macaws, troupes of white-faced Capuchin monkeys, and a couple of dozen American crocodiles. I experienced a 5-magnitude earthquake and ate termites in the jungle. Accompanied by gecko chatter, hooting owls and the occasional long clear call of a lemur-like kinkajou, I meditated under the Full Thunder Moon. Ampitta ant-birds sang in the forest along with blue/grey tanagers, long-tailed manakins and several mot mot birds. We feasted on coconut crusted sea-bass, prima-vera pasta and sipped lemon-grass and ginger tea.

This trip brought me these wonderful quotes:

“With every new birth we manage to slow down the ticking of the time clock of extinction.” (From a billboard marking a sanctuary across the Rio Grande de Tarcoles)

On the wall of the hallway leading to the restrooms in the spacious and colorful Green Room Cafe in the Pacific beach town of Jaco was this:

“Devour the mystery within your soul.”

And right around the corner was a door marked ‘Hombres’, another marked ‘Mujeres’ and between them a third which read “No pee aqui por favor.”

But there was also this, my favorite, painted on a pillar beside our table in the same restaurant:

“Travel Light

Live Light

Spread the Light

Be the Light”

Amen to that!



4 Responses to “AMAZING COSTA RICA”
  1. Celestial says:

    So jealous of this trip- sounds amazing. Being in the remote parts of the world where everything takes it time and in turn slows us down. Good for you!


  2. Dan Beeaff says:

    Well written and like the Amazing CR.

    Sent from my iPad



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