American author and screen-writer, Leon Uris (1924-2003) is known principally for his best-selling historical fiction novels, among them, Exodus, published in 1958, Topaz (1967), and Trinity (1976). Uris never graduated high-school, enlisting in the US Marine Corps at the age of seventeen, following the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor. He apparently failed English three times!

Here’s what Uris had to say about writing and the writing life:

“A writer is the most individually free person in the universe.”

“Once in a while when you’re writing a novel, you get to ride the golden horse and that’s why you do it.”

“Most of the human race sticks to the central corridor to pass through life; it is incumbent upon the writer to open every room and every side door and no matter how dark the room, he must enter it alone — then go and look through all the closets as well.”

“A writer is often a single, strong clear voice of human conscience with the power to penetrate every corner of the world.”


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  1. Dan Beeaff says:

    Interesting background and quotes of l. Uris.

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