It’s late summer/early fall here on the Conestoga. The sugar maples are reddening at their tips; leaves rustling like tissue paper. The first phalanx of geese flew over late yesterday afternoon, headed for a pre-flight gathering on the lake. The meadow has turned to autumn too, with mats of goldenrod, tangles of wild cucumber, purple joe-pye weed, and a lilac foam of wild asters, accented by a light dusting of white cabbage butterflies.

In honor of the changing of the seasons, and to mark the night of the Full Thunder Moon, here’s another poetic contribution from Brooklyn-born poet, Delmore Schwartz, a writer best known for his short story, “In Dreams Begin Responsibilities”, a piece based on his parents’ tempestuous marriage.

Darkling Summer, Ominous Dusk, Rumorous Rain

A tattering of rain and then the reign

Of pour and pouring-down and down,

Where in the westward gathered the filming gown

Of grey and clouding weakness, and, in the mane

Of the light’s glory and the day’s splendor, gold and vain,

Vivid, more and more vivid, scarlet, lucid and more luminous,

Then came a splatter, a prattle, a blowing rain!

And soon the hour was musical and rumorous:

A softness of a dripping lipped the isolated houses,

A gaunt grey somber softness licked the glass of hours.

Again, after a catbird squeaked in the special silence,

And clouding vagueness fogged the windowpane

And gathered blackness and overcast, the mane

Of light’s story and light’s glory surrendered and ended

— A pebble –a ring –a ringing on the pane,

A blowing and a blowing in: tides of the blue and cold

Moods of the great blue bay, and slates of grey

Came down upon the land’s great sea, the body of this day

— Hardly an atom of silence amid the roar

Allowed the voice to form appeal — to call:

By kindled light we thought we saw the bronze of fall.

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