Snippets from Iceland and Ireland

Just in from New Year’s Eve with the bells of Christ Church Cathedral in Dublin and on to an amazing week in Iceland. Here’s a few quotes garnered along the way.

2013-14Dublin and Iceland 044

U2 Exhibit, Little Museum of Dublin

“Hot white walls, black shadows, the aroma of strange Eastern spices . . . lights, the scent of sandalwood and cloves, a sound of laughter and music and drums.”  — Arabic poem on Dublin building

“I feel part of Ireland. I climb over the wall and I get out of here sometimes because the place would make you tear your hair out. But I always want to come home to Dublin.” — Bono (U2 Exhibit, The Little Museum, Dublin)

2013-14Dublin and Iceland 284

The Endurance Trapped in Pack Ice

“It’s hard to write what I feel. To a sailor his ship is more than a floating home. . . . Now, straining and groaning, her timbers cracking and her wounds gaping, she is slowly giving up her sentient life at the very outset of her career.” — Ernest Shackleton on abandoning the Endurance, October 27, 1915 (Shackleton Endurance Exhibit, Dublin)

“Ship and stores are gone, so now we’ll go home.” — Ernest Shackleton (Shackleton Endurance Exhibition, Dublin.

“No man has a right to fix the boundary to the march of a nation. No man has a right to say to his country Thus far shalt thou go and no further. We have never attempted to fix the ne-plus-ultra to the progress of Ireland’s nationhood and we never shall.” — Monument to Charles Stewart Parnell, Dublin

“Without my imagination I couldn’t go anywhere.” — Vigdi Grimsdottir (Z: A Love Story) Keflavik Airport, Iceland

2013-14Dublin and Iceland 462

Vik, Iceland

2 Responses to “Snippets from Iceland and Ireland”
  1. Guess who? says:

    I liked your comments on Dublin and Iceland! Also your comments and quotes of Lord Differin was a nice touch too. You have such a nice Blog! How did you get those candy sponsors? Love, Dan


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