The Visit to Paradise

Recently, my daughter and I, along with a long-time friend, enjoyed what we call a Bliss Weekend in the Chiricahua Mountains. With lots of free time, we practise meditation, have yoga sessions, and “contemplate” various issues. At the end of our stay Sharon composed this poem about the experience. My thanks to her for allowing me to post her moving work. (Danielle’s dog, Duet, accompanied us. Her “downward dog” is simply outstanding.)

To Duet
The Visit to Paradise

We sit at first in an uneasy silence
careful not to startle or judge.

Eyes watching – heart listening –
sharpening our awareness, honing our trust.

Will silence be accepted?
What mask to discard?

Give me a task I plead
use me
and I will know I am.
I will climb over the stone wall
finding sure footing in each step upward.

I will follow the chipmunks scrambling out of reach
and dream of my elusive prize.

A stream below catches its rhythm
moving through, rolling over pebbles,
freeing stagnant pools.

We three talk of ordinary things
of how it feels to live,
of what we don’t know,
finding an ease in the telling.

This morning you stood by my bed
tail wagging
open to my touch of affection.
Sharing your grace
the one thing we have to give.

A breath away I smile and sigh.

Sharon Nicks
May 19, 2013 – a bliss weekend

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