Bono on Charlie Rose

Just caught an hour-long interview by Charlie Rose with Bono, singer/songwriter with the Irish band U2, recorded earlier this month. The entire show is, of course, available at various on-line outlets including YouTube, but I thought I’d post a few excerpts from this articulate, creative and progressive man. Some thoughts have been grouped together.

“The problems of the world are the problems of the human spirit . . . . and the problems of the human spirit are the problems of the human heart. . . The songs come out of that . . . those times where joy is an act of defiance.”

“I try to put into words what the melody is saying. Songs are like prayers. You have to be true to yourself. Songs are a preoccupation of your spirit . . . . Songs have been arriving lately . . . I’ve been drilling down into the mine [to find] the difference between gold and coal . . . What I’m looking for is ten reasons to exist.”

“Dreaming to me is a thing of the ’60s. Doing is what we have to be part of now.”

“It’s what you haven’t got that makes you Irish . . . it means you go out to discover and explore.”

Artists like Bob Dylan, John Lennon and Bob Marley “showed me that the world outside my window was not fixed.”

“Capitalism must be re-imagined for the times.”

German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s father said to her “Never appear to be more than you are and always be more than you appear.”

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