John Muir in Southern Ontario

While in Southern Ontario for much of the summer, we drove up to the Niagara Escarpment, a lofty grey stone wall that wends its way from Niagara Falls up through Tobermory on the Bruce Peninsula. We stopped at an overlook of the ancient broad valleys of the Bighead and Beaver Rivers, topped with falling mist, outside of Meaford.  The Scottish conservationist John Muir lived in the area for a couple of years in the mid-19th century. He worked at a sawmill at Trout Hollow on the Beaver River. This is how he so beautifully described his stay:

“We live in a retired and romantic hollow. Our tall, tall forest trees are now alive with the mingled ocean of blossoms and leaves, wave and curl, and rise in rounded swells further and further away. Freshness and beauty are everywhere — flowers are born every hour — living sunlight is poured over all and every thing and creature is glad. Our world is indeed a beauiful one.” — John Muir 1865

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