Mariana Cook’s New Book: Stone Walls, Personal Boundaries

I was informed a couple of days ago that the Spirit Stones World Footprints radio interview was up permanently on the blog radio site. It’s also available on iTunes. Perusing the site again, I was re-acquainted with a wonderful book whose author Tonya Fitzpatrick also interviewed for her series–Mariana Cook’s Stone Walls, Personal Boundaries. Mariana was the last student of renowned nature photographer Ansel Adams and her book on stone walls is well worth a look. She spent eight years traveling the world from New England to the American South, Britain, Ireland, the Mediterranean and Peru, giving photographic appreciation to this particular expression of the relationships humans form with their environments. Stone Walls captures the stone wall both as a landscape element and as an abstract form, which is very much the way I approached megalithic monuments for Spirit Stones. Check out her book on

Have also learned that Marilyn McFarlane of EuropeUpClose, the Insider’s Guide to Travel in Europe has posted a very positive Spirit Stones  review at here.

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