Empire Ranch Roundup

Me at the Author's Tent, Empire Ranch

Saturday morning at the Empire Ranch Roundup began cold and windy, with temperatures hovering in the high forties. Thankfully, by noon it had warmed up into the mid sixties. The ranch, located in the rolling grasslands of Southern Arizona, near the hamlet of Sonoita, dates back to the 1870s. Geographically, we call the area the Basin and Range Province, as these broad valleys nestle between lofty mountain ranges called Sky Islands. This year’s annual event, subtitled the Centennial Celebration of the Cowboy, included B Troop 4th U.S. Cavalry (Mem.) Military Riding, Cowboy Mounted Shooters, Storytelling, demonstrations of western skills like roping, horseshoeing and branding, and a BBQ. About fifteen writers made up the Authors Pavilion and it was nice to see old friends and acquaintances I’d not seen in some time. Chats with the many visitors who stopped by our tables was a real highlight of the day for me. Book sales were good too, I sold copies of both Power’s Garden and my new book Spirit Stones.

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