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My short story collection, On Traigh Lar Beach, available for pre-order on Amazon.com, will be released by She Writes Press on October 13, 2020



For media review copies or other media inquiries, please contact: Emma Boyer, Smith Publicity, Emma.boyer@smithpublicity.com


Erica Winchat, a young writer overwhelmed by the stress of her first book contract, discovers thirteen curious items tangled in the flotsam on the Scottish beach of Traigh Lar. Erica tells the intriguing story of the owner of each of these items, uncovering a series of dramatic event — from a Chicago widow’s inspiring visit to Quebec City to a shrimper’s daughter facing Tropical Storm Ruby in North Carolina.

The thirteenth item, a concert laminate badge, inspires Erica’s novella, Fan Girls, in which the separate stories of four fans of the Scottish rock band Datha unfold in first person, culminating in their reunion at a concert in Chicago — a show where a shooting takes place.”


My award winning memoir, A Grand Madness U2 Twenty Years After, is available in hard copy or e-book at Amazon.com. Order here

A new review for A Grand Madness from Indiereader.com:

A Grand Madness, U2 Twenty Years After is a compelling memoir from one fan’s perspective following the iconic rock group U2. With encyclopedic knowledge of the band mixed with her own personal experiences, author Dianne Ebertt Beeaff paints a rock ‘n’ roll portrait of fandom, fame and creativity that anyone who has ever gone on a wild adventure chasing the music they love will enjoy.”

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A Grand Madness, U2 Twenty Years After has won another industry award! Winner in the Music category with the 2020 National Indie Excellence Awards!

A Grand Madness, U2 Twenty Years After has been awarded Second Place in the National Federation of Press Women’s 2020 At Large Communications Contest!


I had the pleasure of being interviewed by Norm Goldman of Book Pleasures, regarding both my writing career and the new U2 book. If you have time, have a look!

Interview with Book Pleasures

Here also – a Q&A conducted by writer Debbi Voisey, from the blog My Way by Moonlight:

My Way by Moonlight Interview Dianne Ebertt Beeaff Q&A (1)

Brian Boyd, music and entertainment contributor to The Irish  Times and author of U2 Experience had these fine words to say about the new U2 book:

“Some twenty years ago, Dianne Beeaff sat down to write a spectacularly detailed and thrillingly absorbing account of music fandom.

It asked a hard question: What possesses a woman of otherwise sound mind to spend ten years of her life following a rock band around the world and detailing everything that happens to her in such lyrically forensic detail?

In A Grand Madness: Ten Years on the Road with U2, Beeaff went toe-to-toe with Bono,The Edge, Adam and Larry on their Joshua Tree, Zoo TV and Popmart tours.

The result was a diary/memoir/travelogue that went well beyond the music. Her powers of analysis and insight into not just U2, but into music and fandom became sharpened with each new journey taken.

Now in A Grand Madness, U2 Twenty Year After, she is once more unto the breach beginning with the Elevation tour and again going one step beyond in her attempt to locate herself and the reader in the faraway but so close world of U2’s music.

From airport terminals to street corners, you can almost taste and touch everything here as Beeaff shadows the band, providing us a rich, nuanced commentary that has the knowledge of an Insider but the perspective of an Outsider.

Even if you know noting about the band and think U2 is the name of the spy plane piloted by Gary Powers, this new book will read as a magical mystery tour into the meaning of music and those in thrall to it.

As Beeaff documents her own world tour, she accesses all areas of U2’s life. This is information here I doubt even the members of the band know themselves.

As I turned these pages, I heard Bono singing words that best sum up the author’s tenacity and sense of purpose:

“When I get to the bottom

I go back to the top of the slide

Where I stop and I turn

And I go for a ride

Till I get to the bottom

And I see you again . . .”

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Homecoming 001

A collection of poetry, Homecoming (1998) illustrated with eleven of my graphite drawings.

Grand Madness

The best-selling memoir, A Grand Madness, Ten Years on the Road with U2 (2000), a reprint (2020) of which is also available at Amazon.com, both in hard copy and e-book.

My award-winning historical fiction novel Power’s Garden (2009).

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The non-fiction book Spirit Stones, Unraveling the Megalithic Mysteries of Western Europe’s Prehistoric Monuments (2011).

Art Work:

Please see the gallery of my graphite drawings. ** All items are available as note-cards. Please contact me for details. **


I do small-scale graphite commissions. 


I will be posting work-related details of book-signings and other professional events, notices and developments. The blog is also dedicated to exceptional creative writing that crosses my path, both prose and poetry. There is just so much extraordinary writing out there, much of which never gets the attention it deserves. I also post an inspirational quote for fellow writers on the first of every month. 

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